Trinder Aviation & Aerospace Advocacy, PLLC, based in the heart of the nation’s capital, was formed in 2016 by Rachel Trinder.  Rachel has practiced aviation and aerospace law in Washington, DC for nearly forty years.  She has extensive experience handling federal regulatory, international, legislative and dispute resolution (litigation, arbitration, and mediation) matters in the aviation and aerospace fields. The firm is dedicated to providing the highest quality legal and government affairs services at reasonable cost.

The federal agencies that regulate the aviation and aerospace industries are responsible for developing, imposing, and enforcing a broad range of requirements on airport, airlines, manufacturers, suppliers and investors.  The requirements often are complex, and challenging for stakeholders to interpret and apply.  In addition, many operations in the aviation and aerospace fields require federal government approval.  These range from the routine to the highly complex.  Rachel assists her clients in first understanding the applicable requirements, and then works with them to develop the optimal approach to resolving the challenges they are facing, whether that involves a simple discussion or meeting with agency regulators, an application for operating permission, a coalition-driven government policy change, a legislative solution, or participation in a complex government proceeding.

Services provided include:

  • Advice to airports and air carriers concerning compliance with requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Departments of Transportation, Homeland Security, State, Commerce and Treasury.
  • Developing and implementing federal government affairs strategies for achieving stakeholder goals.
  • Representation of entities affected by US bilateral and multilateral agreements with foreign countries.
  • Assisting clients in obtaining permits, approvals and exemptions from federal aviation requirements.
  • Representing clients in international route proceedings and domestic and international slot control matters
  • Resolving issues arising in connection with use of airport revenue by city and airport “sponsors” under the FAA’s AIP and similar programs.
  • Advising entities concerning US airport and aviation security and facilitation matters, including liaising with Customs and Border Protection and the Transportation Security Administration concerning passenger and cargo processing and facilitation.
  • Negotiating aviation and aerospace-related agreements and transactions.
  • Representing parties in FAA Part 16 compliance cases.
  • Developing airport incentives marketing programs.
  • Advice concerning airport/airline/tenant agreements.
  • Liaising with congressional delegations and committees on stakeholder and constituent matters.
  • Dispute resolution through arbitration and mediation.
  • Assisting buyers and sellers on the sale and purchase of airport property, including obtaining FAA and related approvals.
  • Advising countries and airport authorities concerning compliance with the FAA International Safety Assessment (IASA) program.
  • Representing air carriers and investors on US citizenship requirements applicable to US airlines.
  • Advice to manufacturers, suppliers and modification companies concerning FAA aircraft certification requirements.
  • Assisting foreign air carriers with the start-up of services to the United States.
  • Advice concerning airport funding and grant assurances.
  • Representing entities in aviation-related antitrust immunity, alliances and code-sharing matters.
  • Assisting in the development of solutions to airport access and safety matters.
  • Advising developers and operators of unmanned aircraft systems in understanding and complying with federal requirements.
  • Working with space launch entities, including spaceports, manufacturers and launch providers, in understanding and complying with applicable requirements.